How The Insurance Will Try and Hurt You

You are injured in a Danbury, Connecticut accident case and you are confident that you will be able to represent yourself without having to hire a lawyer. After all, how difficult can it be? You will speak with the insurance adjuster of the at fault party and explain why their insured is at fault. You will tell the insurance adjuster about the medical bills that you have incurred and they will pay them. You will explain to the insurance adjuster how much income you have lost as a result of this accident and they will write you a check. You will also explain the nature and extent of the pain and suffering that you have endured and the insurance adjuster will write you a check. All of this might be true, in FANTASYLAND!

The fact of the matter is that insurance companies are in business to make money. The less money they pay out in insurance claims the more money they will retain at the end of the year. If an insurance company can pay out less money to an injured party, it will do that so they can increase profits. Stockholders of insurance companies are interested in maximizing the amount of money they can make on their investment. Make no mistake about it, this is big business. Insurance companies hire armies of experts to try and pay injured parties and their families the least amount of money possible. If you attempt to represent yourself, you will provide the insurance company with that opportunity. You don't know what you don't know.

Well how could the insurance company try to take advantage of you? Let's just look at your medical records that the at fault party's insurance company will review in great detail. The insurance company might claim: that you were overcharged by your doctor for the medical care that you received; that you over treated for the injuries that you sustained in the subject accident; that your pain complaints to your doctor were minimal; that you had a pre-existing injury; that you had a subsequent accident; that you had gaps in treatment; that there were no objective findings of any type of injury; that you took time off from work when no Doctor stated that you should be out of work as a result of your injury; or that the disability rating that you received from your doctor is inconsistent with the minimal damage that your car received.

In other words, the insurance company of the at fault party will do everything in their power to bring up every single issue possible to argue to you that your case does not have a very great value. If you speak directly with the insurance adjuster, you will allow the insurance adjuster to tell you what your case is worth. Do you think it would be in the insurance companies best interest to tell you the great value that your case has or would it be better for their shareholders if the adjuster told you that your case had a far lesser value?

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