Answering Your Questions After Your Waterbury CT Car Accident

If you have been injured in a Waterbury CT car accident then you will have a number of immediate questions that need to be answered. Some of the questions that are typically asked by injury victims are: who will pay my medical bills; who will pay my lost wages; when will I get these monies; who will pay to have my car repaired; who will pay for my rental car; what is my case worth; how long will it take to resolve my case; and do I need a lawyer to represent me in my case?

The insurance adjuster of the at fault party will typically call you to get you to give a brief statement. You should never speak to the insurance adjuster unless and until you speak with an experienced Waterbury CT personal injury attorney. If you were to speak with the insurance adjuster, you might be told that you would not need to hire a lawyer to represent you in this case. The insurance adjuster handles cases like this all of the time and that person will help you to get your medical bills paid, your lost wages paid and will arrange for compensation for your injuries, or so you think! Because you want to maximize the amount of money that you can recover for your injuries and damages you feel comfortable in dealing directly with the adjuster because you will not have to pay any legal fees. Sadly, most people do not realize that they will end up with more money in their pocket, after they pay a lawyer, then they will if they represent themselves.

So what could possibly go wrong if you deal with the insurance adjuster directly? Well the first thing that the adjuster will do is to take a recorded statement from you. You will be asked such simple questions as are you injured? Because the accident just happened you may very well say that you have not been injured when in fact the injury might not evidence itself for another day or two. You might also be asked if you have been seen by a doctor in a hospital. If you later claimed to have been injured in this accident, the insurance adjuster will send you a copy of your recorded statement pointing out where you told the adjuster that you were not injured. The adjuster might also claim that you over treated for your injuries or that the doctor charged you too much for your treatment, or that there were large gaps in your treatment, or that you had pre-existing injuries, or that you had a subsequent accident, or that your medical records do not show regular complaints of pain.

The adjuster might also ask you about your potential lost wage claim. You might indicate that you are paid under the table. The adjuster might ask you if your doctor advised you not to return to work. If you miss time from work but were paid by your employer the adjuster might very well advise you that you are not entitled to monies for lost wages. If you took sick time or vacation time the adjuster would be happy to point out that they will not be paying you for any of your lost wages as well. However, you would be entitled to a recovery for lost income if you had to use sick time or vacation time. These are assets that you have that you would be utilizing because you were involved in an accident and are entitled to be paid for.

Not every accident or injury case requires that you hire a lawyer. However, every accident or injury case requires you to consult with a lawyer. You need to have your rights explained to you. You need to be told what to do. You need to be told what not to do. You need to understand how the insurance company is going to try and pay you the least amount of money possible. So before you hire a lawyer, speak with an insurance adjuster, or sign any paperwork download a copy of our free book "The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims in Connecticut." The free book can be ordered online at You can also contact us at our toll-free number which is 888-842-8466 so you can get free information from one of our Waterbury CT personal injury attorneys over the phone. You can arrange for a no cost no obligation in office interview where we will explain your rights to you. You can fill out our brief online form and we will get back in touch with you. You need to get an education first about accident and injury law in the State of Connecticut before you decide what to do. We are here to help you please contact us immediately.