Been Injured in an CT Accident? Here is one of the First Questions You Should Have

The easy answer is that you may not need a lawyer to represent you in your Connecticut injury case. As we tell people who have been involved in a CT accident or who have been injured in some way, not every person who was hurt or harmed through the fault of another needs a lawyer but everyone who is injured needs to speak with a lawyer.

We have decades of experience in representing people who have been injured in CT accidents. We are selective in what cases we take and if we do not feel that we can assist you then we will tell you what you need to do. Sometimes this means that we will tell you how to handle your case on your own without a lawyer while still other times we can help you find a lawyer who might be  willing to take a case that we cannot assist you with.

If you have been injured in an car, truck or motorcycle accident, if you have been bitten by a dog, injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall or been harmed in some other way, you need to speak with an experienced CT personal injury lawyer immediately. We are here to help you and our consultations are always FREE. Call us at (888) 244-5480. Use our live chat to tell us about your case. Fill out our online form to ask us questions or visit our website at to get additional information.

Oftentimes, an injured person, before consulting with an attorney, will speak with the at fault party's insurance company when they call to speak with them. They are made to feel at ease by this insurance company professional and get the sense that they can work this out with the insurance company adjuster directly without the need to pay a lawyer. This is the first of a great number of mistakes that the unrepresented injured person will make.

The injured party does not realize that this is a big business and the sole job of the insurance adjuster and the insurance company is to pay you the least amount of money possible. The insurance company will tell you what is fair and reasonable and will use a variety of tactics to pay you as little as possible. For example, you may be told why you are partially at fault in the accident because you did not do everything in your power to avoid the accident or that the insurance company has determined, based upon the recorded statement that they said you had to provide to the insurance company so they could properly investigate your case, that you are partially responsible for what happened.

One of the other HUGE mistakes that an injured party can make is to give a recorded statement to the insurance company before speaking with a lawyer. The hard and fast rule of thumb, which is not to be violated under any circumstances, is; NEVER GIVE A RECORDED STATEMENT TO THE INSURANCE COMPANY BEFORE SPEAKING WITH AN ATTORNEY.

Above all, before you hire a lawyer, speak to an insurance adjuster or sign any paperwork, order a copy of our FREE book "The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims" which will be emailed to you immediately by requesting it on our website. The book is free, the call is free, the advice is free. The mistakes you make before contacting us could cost you thousands of dollars or ruin your case completely. What are you waiting for? Don't delay, contact us today!

If you have been injured in an out of state accident case we can help you too. We have contacts with some of the best lawyers across the country. Contact us about your  out of state case and we will find out the facts of your case and try and place you with a highly regarded injury attorney in the state where you were injured.