CT Slip and Fall Accident in CT Stores

CT Slip and Fall Accident in CT Stores- What happens when you slip and fall in a store, mall, supermarket, shop or other retail establishment and suffer a serious injury in CT? Is the store liable for your injury? How do you prove that retail establishment is responsible for  your CT Slip and Fall Accident ? How can you collect money damages? The answer to these questions, as any great personal injury or accident lawyer in Connecticut will tell you is, it depends!

Each CT Slip and Fall Accident is fact specific. In other words, it depends on the facts of each particular situation. What caused you to slip and fall or trip and fall? How long had the item that caused you to slip or trip been present? Did the store know of this hazard? Should the store have known of this hazard? What caused this hazard to exist? Was it foreseeable that this hazard was present? Were there other similar claims? Are their third parties who could be responsible? Is there Ct case law that imparts liability on the part of the retail establishment such as did you slip on salad fixings at a self serve salad bar in a grocery store? Are there mode of operation considerations that would make the store liable? Are there other considerations?

One of the major considerations in a CT slip and fall accident or Connecticut trip and fall case is the issue of notice. Did the store, mall, supermarket, grocery store or other retail establishment know or should they have known about the hazard or should they have known of the likelihood of the problem creating the hazard. Basically there are two main types of notice: actual notice; and constructive notice. If you have a slip and fall case anywhere in CT you need to contact an experienced injury lawyer so your case can be properly investigated and developed.

If you slip and fall in some CT store or suffer a trip and fall accident in a CT supermarket or grocery store there are several things you should do which could include:

If you are able and have a camera on your cell phone, take a number of pictures that show the hazard or what caused you to fall and become injured;

If someone witnessed your fall ask them to assist you by getting the manager and getting their name and phone number so they can be contacted later;

Ask the store manager to fill out an accident report and if you are injured tell the manager what problems you are experiencing, have them call an ambulance and get taken to the nearest hospital;

Ask the store manager to give you their card or all of their contact information and ask for a copy of the accident report; and

Do not speak with any representative of the store's insurance company until you speak with an experienced   CT slip and fall accident lawyer.

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