How Long Do I Have to File a CT Personal Injury Claim?

Although your injuries may be permanent, your right to file a CT personal injury claim is only temporary. In Connecticut, a two year time limit applies to most CT personal injury cases although the time can be much shorter if it involves certain types of cases such as those against a town, city or state, for example. This time limit applies no matter when you actually discovered that you had suffered injury, and may be further limited for some types of cases.

In the case of medical malpractice, you only have two years after the date you discovered the malpractice, but in certain cases can be extended for one year with limited exceptions.

There is almost nothing that keeps the clock from running on a CT personal injury claim. For example, the clock on a wrongful death lawsuit starts running even before an administrator of the estate has been appointed, even though that is prerequisite for filing a wrongful death action. 

If you do not make your claim in a timely fashion, you will be unable to get compensation for your injuries.

Because the statute is absolute and because the preparation of a lawsuit is sometimes a lengthy process, and because there might be a notice provision that is only months after the injury occurred, we recommend that people talk to a lawyer as soon as they begin considering a CT personal injury claim.

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