Child Injury Is A Worldwide, U.S. and CT Issue

Worldwide, more than 2,200 children and teenagers each day die from an accident related injury which could have been prevented. The World Health Organization further reports that the five leading causes of accidental injuries include: road traffic injuries, drowning, burns, falls and poisoning. The great tragedy is that many of these accidental deaths could have been prevented had the proper safety or precautionary measures been taken.

In the United States in 2008, 4,643 children ages 14 and under died from various injuries. 6,178,000 children ages 14 and under in the US sustained unintentional nonfatal injuries treated in emergency departments in 2009.

Implementing proper safety measures can drastically reduce your child's risk of injury, but accidents still can and do occur. The time immediately following the injury or death of a loved one can be extremely stressful and difficult. This difficulty is only amplified when you are dealing with your own child. If your child's injury or death was at the expense of another party, contact us immediately to see what legal compensation you might be entitled to. Our years of experience and free professional advice can help determine if a case is possible, and if so, how much you might be awarded for your injury or loss. Don't delay; certain matters can be time sensitive. Visit our website and download on of our free accident ebooks. While you're on our site, feel free to contact us. Again, the advice is free, and there are no risks involved. Call us today at 888-244-5480 for a free consultation. We know how painful it can be to see your child injured and in pain, and we're here to help.