Child Injury Accidents Can be Identified and Prevented

Each and every day, across America and the entire world, the lives of more than 2000 families are torn apart by the loss of a child to an unintentional injury or accident. The grief that these families suffer is immeasurable and the loss changes one's life irrevocably. Once a child reaches the age of five years, unintentional injuries are the biggest threat to their survival, and the leading cause of their tragic and untimely deaths. The "lucky" ones who survive these "accidents" often suffer disabilities which have a long-lasting impact on nearly every aspect of their child and adult lives.

There are a number of simple steps that any individual can take to prevent both themselves and their children from sustaining injuries. When getting into a motor vehicle, make sure each person in the vehicle wears a seatbelt. Since 1975, it is estimated by the CDC that seatbelts have saved over 255,000 lives in motor-vehicle accidents. However, accidents involving motor vehicles make up only a portion of the tragic deaths and injuries that occur each and every day. Other common injuries involve drowning, burns, falling and poisoning. The best way to avoid these injuries is to be proactive in preventing them from occurring in the first place. Require your children to wear helmets and other protective equipment when they ride bicycles, skateboard around town or even roller-skate. Make sure that your child's helmet is tight-fitting so that it stays in place should impact occur.  Educate your children about the dangers of swimming when not supervised and make sure that if they do not properly know how to swim, they are wearing floatation devices. Do not leave medicines, cleaning products or other hazardous materials in reach of your young children. Make a plan for your entire household as to what to do should there be a fire or similar emergency. These seemingly simple safety points are ignored every day around the world, resulting in countless tragic and unnecessary deaths and injuries. Remember, using common sense can be the difference between life and death when dealing with children.

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