CT Child Accident Injuries Resulting in Traumatic Brain or Head Injuries


A serious child injury can be one that involves a child's head resulting in a traumatic brain injury or "TBI". Sadly, a child can suffer a serious head injury for a number of reasons, many of which can be avoided. So here are a few suggestions on how you can cut down on your child's risk of a head injury:

  • Your child should always be properly restrained and buckled while riding in any type of a car, truck or other motor vehicle.
  • Your child should always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, skateboard or other type of moving device.
  • If you have small children or toddlers you should place safety gates on the top and bottom of stairways to prevent falls going up or down and take active steps to safety proof your home.

According to a number of different studies, your child's risk of complications from a head injury greatly increases with each subsequent trauma to the head. These problems can result in lifelong, permanent disabilities that could have far reaching consequences of a very negative nature. These problems can range from memory loss to problems in communicating to problems in being self sufficient and caring for themselves.

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