Bridgeport Slip and Fall Jury Charges: Reasonable Time to Remedy after Notice

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Jury charges are instructions that the trial court judge will give to the jurors after the closing statements have been made by the attorneys but before they begin deliberations. There charges are the law in the State of Connecticut as it relates to certain decisions, which the jury will be called upon to make. One decision that the jury will have to make involves the time to remedy what made your slip and fall and an appropriate jury charge might be:

Reasonable Time to Remedy after Notice.  In deciding the issue of notice, the subsidiary question is whether the defect had existed for such a length of time that the defendant, in the exercise of due care, should have discovered it in time to have remedied it prior to the plaintiff's fall.  What constitutes a reasonable time is a question of fact for you to determine based on the circumstances you find to have existed in this case.

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