Statute of Limitations Can Significantly Impact Your Case

A Connecticut car accident case can ruin you physically, emotionally and economically. Who will pay your bills? How do you go about getting your lost wages? How much money are you entitled to receive for your injuries? These circumstances create very difficult times that require immediate answers.

You should be aware that studies have shown that experienced lawyers can negotiate settlements and obtain judgments that are many times higher than what the injured parties can negotiate for themselves.   In other words, in most cases, you will do better after paying the lawyer than you would if you attempted to negotiate your own settlement with insurance company claims adjusters. Your personal injury case could be fraught with many different complications and issues which would make handling your case without hiring a lawyer very difficult. An example of one of those types of issues might include:


The statute of limitations is the time period specified by law within which an action must be filed.  If you do not file within the applicable statute of limitations period, your claim could be subject to dismissal, preventing you from pursuing the claim regardless of the merits of the case.

Statute of limitations dates vary from state to state.  Some states provide that the action be filed within the applicable time period from the date of the injury while other states allow for a tolling, or extension, of the filing period from the date of discovery of the injury. There are also a great number of issues that must be examined to determine what statute applies and when it started.

Under certain circumstances, if the claimant is incompetent or is a minor, some states allow for a tolling of the statute of limitations until the claimant becomes competent or reaches their majority.

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