Stamford Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Proximate Cause Lead Paint Poisoning

Being deeply concerned about your situation after your Stamford, Connecticut motorcycle accident case is very typical.  Your body hurts.  You cannot sleep, your mind races, how are you going to survive financially?  We are here to help take the pressure off you so you can just worry about getting better.

Jury charges are instructions that the trial court judge will give to the jurors after the closing statements have been made by the attorneys but before they begin deliberations. There charges are the law in the State of Connecticut as it relates to certain decisions, which the jury will be called upon to make. One decision that the jury will have to make involves  causation and an appropriate jury charge might be:

Proximate Cause - Intervening Cause.  In this case, the defendant asserts that (he/she/it) did not legally cause the plaintiff's injury because another cause, proceeding entirely from an independent source, intervened to produce that injury after the defendant's own alleged act[s] of negligence had already occurred.   Negligent conduct can be a proximate cause of an injury, even if it is not the nearest or the most immediate cause of the injury.  Thus, when the act of a third person or some other intervening cause operates actively to produce the injury after the defendant's negligent act or omission has been committed, the defendant's negligence is a proximate cause of the injury if the following (two / three) part test is satisfied.  First, the defendant's negligence must have been a substantial factor in bringing about the plaintiff's injury. Second, the plaintiff's injury must have been harm of the same general nature as that which a reasonably prudent person in the defendant's position should have anticipated.  Third, the intervening cause which actively operated to produce the injury after the defendant's negligent act or omission was committed must not have been a superseding cause of the plaintiff's injury.

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