Notice Provision Must Be Complied With on a Timely Basis

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You should be aware that studies have shown that experienced lawyers can negotiate settlements and obtain judgments that are many times higher than what the injured parties can negotiate for themselves.   In other words, in most cases, you will do better after paying the lawyer than you would if you attempted to negotiate your own settlement with insurance company claims adjusters. Your personal injury case could be fraught with many different complications and issues which would make handling your case without hiring a lawyer very difficult. An example of one of those types of issues might include:


There are also certain notice provisions that have very short limitation periods, especially those that relate to local, state, or federal governmental entities.  In certain circumstances, if you do not comply with the statutory notice provisions, you may lose the right to file your lawsuit even if you act within the applicable statute of limitations period.

The statute of limitations in any particular case may be somewhat difficult to calculate, because a claim may involve different causes of action against different defendants.  Once you miscalculate when the statute has run or fail to properly provide statutory notice, your claim may be forever barred despite its validity or the extent of your damages.

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