Lawyers Help Handle Claims Adjusters

Being involved in a Waterbury, Connecticut car accident can harm you in so many different ways. We are here to help you so you can concentrate all of
your efforts on getting well. Put our decades of aggressive, experienced representation to work for you.

You should be aware that studies have shown that experienced lawyers can negotiate settlements and obtain judgments that are many times higher than what the injured parties can negotiate for themselves.   In other words, in most cases, you will do better after paying the lawyer than you would if you attempted to negotiate your own settlement with insurance company claims adjusters. Your personal injury case could be fraught with many different complications and issues which would make handling your case without hiring a lawyer very difficult. An example of one of those types of issues might include:


Insurance company claims adjusters are professional negotiators who have extensive experience in dealing with claimants who are not represented by attorneys.  These adjusters use an array of psychological techniques, including intimidating you and befriending you.  Their methods are designed to get you to accept the least amount of money possible for your claim.

Claims adjusters know that if they can keep the injured party negotiating, there is a very great chance that a settlement favorable to the insurance company will be obtained.  Claims adjusters also know that in almost every case, an injured party will not file a lawsuit on his or her own because he or she does not possess the required level of skill, expertise, or experience, and that injured parties therefore often feel that their only option is to obtain some type of settlement from the insurance company.

In many instances, claims adjusters will discourage or dissuade injured parties from hiring a lawyer by telling them that lawyers' fees will cost a great deal of  money, leading claimants to conclude that they shouldn't pay a lawyer to do something they can do for themselves.

Insurance companies utilize a number of different types of computer programs to analyze personal injury cases in an effort to give insurance adjusters little, if any, discretion in negotiated settlements.  This strategy will ultimately result in lower settlements for injured parties.

In addition to the above considerations, there are a great number of complicated issues that arise in a personal injury or medical malpractice case.  These various legal issues are fraught with potential problems and are so complex that they can even sometimes be the subject of a malpractice action against an attorney who improperly handles a case.  A nonprofessional has little chance of navigating these depths successfully without an attorney's assistance.

The insurance company of the person who caused your car accident case has adjusters, investigators and lawyers working on your case so they can determine how to pay you the least amount of money possible. You need someone working for you. Do not wait until it's too late.