Joint and Several Liability Can Work For or Against You

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You should be aware that studies have shown that experienced lawyers can negotiate settlements and obtain judgments that are many times higher than what the injured parties can negotiate for themselves.   In other words, in most cases, you will do better after paying the lawyer than you would if you attempted to negotiate your own settlement with insurance company claims adjusters. Your personal injury case could be fraught with many different complications and issues which would make handling your case without hiring a lawyer very difficult. An example of one of those types of issues might include:


The doctrine of joint and several liability holds that a number of defendants who engaged in separate and independent acts of negligence that combined to cause a single injury are held to be jointly and severally liable.  In other words, if one party was 1% at fault and the other parties were 99% at fault, the party who was 1% at fault could be held responsible for 100% of the damages suffered by the injured party.

The law of joint and several liability varies from state to state. A number of states have somewhat complicated variations or modifications of this rule.

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