Danbury motorcycle accident cause in fact

If you have been involved in a Danbury, Connecticut motorcycle accident case you should have a number of questions that need to be answered right away.  Get those answers now from attorneys who have decades of experience in obtaining money damages for injured people.

One of the functions of the trial court judge is to give jury instructions to the jurors at the conclusion of your case. These charges are instructions given to the jury so they know how to apply the law of the State of Connecticut to the facts of your case. One of the issues to be decided by the jury is causation so the judge might charge the jury as follows:

3.1-2  Cause in Fact: A cause in fact is an actual cause.  The test for cause in fact is, simply, "Would the injury have occurred were it not for the defendant's negligence?"  If your answer to this question is "yes," then the defendant's negligence was not a cause in fact of the plaintiff's injuries.

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