Slip and Fall and Trip and Fall Accidents

If you have been injured in some type of slip and fall or trip and fall type case one of the first questions a lawyer will ask you is "What caused you to fall?" Sometimes liability can be determined by how or what caused you to fall in a rather straightforward manner such as with a defect that has been known to exist for an extended period of time. In other cases liability might be more difficult to prove such as when a person slips on a foreign substance on a floor of a unknown origin or without knowing how long it was there. One of the advantages of hiring an experienced slip and fall lawyer is that this experienced attorney might be able to develop different theories of liability based upon the specific facts or determine who might be responsible for your injuries.

For example, the experienced attorney you speak with may be able to promptly investigate your case to determine if there were witnesses to your fall. In speaking with the witnesses your lawyer might uncover previously unknown facts about what happened, how you fell, what you fell on, what people said immediately after your fall or if they heard incriminating statements made by the at fault party. Another issue to be investigated is how long the item that caused you to slip and fall was present at the accident site. Did the at fault party have actual notice of the defect or did they have constructive notice based upon the facts?

Your attorney might also look into issues regarding method or mode of operation in how or why this defect appeared and how often this situation occurred. Can claims be made for negligent hiring, negligent supervision, design defects, preexisting problems, weather issues or some other causes of action? Are there third parties who might also be responsible for your injuries such as cleaning companies, third party contractors, landlords, store owners, franchisors, multiple parties who exercise care, custody or control over the property or other parties?

Our firm has been representing victims of slip and fall accidents for decades. We know what to investigate and we have the experts that we pay to conduct a full and complete examination of the accident site to determine the causes of the slip and fall. It is important to contact us at the earliest possible moment so evidence can be preserved, witnessed located and interviewed and important theories of liability investigated. We advance all costsĀ and only get paid if we collect money damages for you. We will even give you a free copy of our book, "The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims in Connecticut," so you know what you need to do. Call us toll free today at 888-244-5480 andĀ tell us about your case and we will call you. We will even travel to meet with you. Don't delay, contact us today!