New Haven Slip and Fall Jury Charges: Actual Notice of Condition

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After your case is presented to the jury, it will be up to the trial court judge to instruct the jury as to the way they are to deliberate. Therefore, before the jury begins deliberations, the judge will provide the jurors with jury charges so they know how to apply Connecticut law to the facts that have been proven in court. One of a number of issues that have to be decided by the jury is actual notice of the condition that caused your fall so the judge might instruction the jury about the following jury charge:

Actual Notice of Condition.  In order for the plaintiff to recover, the plaintiff must also prove that the defendant had actual notice, that is, actually knew of the unsafe condition long enough before the plaintiff's injury to have taken steps to correct the condition or to take other suitable precautions.  If the condition is one that was created by the defendant (or one of the defendant's employees), then that constitutes actual notice.

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