Head Injuries: Post Concussion Syndrome and other Symptoms

If you have been involved in a high impact motor vehicle accident or if you have experienced a sudden acceleration or deceleration of your head then you may have suffered a  post concussion syndrome. A PCS is a form of a traumatic brain injury that can cause lifelong disabilities and pain and suffering years after the time the head injury occurred. After a motor vehicle crash the injured party should be aware of a number of initial symptoms that may start to bother the victim. The problems could include, but not be limited to: varying degrees and locations of headaches, feeling very fatigued, short term memory problems or difficulty in concentrating, feelings of being out of sorts or not one's self, impatience or irritability.

Head injury symptoms should be properly monitored by the injured party and reported to the doctor at the earliest possible moment. It is highly recommended that you should seek a referral to a specialist who deals and treats patients with concussions and other forms of a traumatic brain injury. Generally, a diagnosis of this type is made if the effects of the concussion or traumatic brain injury have lasted for several weeks to a number of months after the injury occurred. It is important to note that these symptoms can occur immediately after the accident or may be delayed until days or weeks after the accident.

If you have suffered a high impact accident or have received any type of head injury, regardless of whether or not your head stuck an object, you should immediately consult with an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer so you can be properly advised as to what to do. These types of cases are unique and without receiving the proper advice you might unknowingly do something that could seriously jeopardize your case.

You could be entitled to substantial money damages as a result of a TBI claim which could include money for past and future medical expenses, past and future rehabilitative care, vocational retraining, past and future loss of income, pain and suffering, loss of life's enjoyment, and a spousal loss of consortium claim. Our experienced team of injury lawyers have been representing injured parties and their families, including traumatic brain injury victims, for decades.

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