Bridgeport, CT Car Accident Case; Multiple Causes

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Your case has been presented to the jury and they are about to begin deciding or deliberating your case in order to reach a verdict. How are the jurors to take all of the evidence that has been presented to them and then decide how much money you are entitled to receive? The trial judge will give jury charges or instructions to the jurors so they will know how to take Connecticut law and apply it to the facts that have been proven to them. One issue that the jury needs to decide is Proximate Cause. The judge might instruct or charge the jury on that issue by stating:

3.1-5 Proximate Cause (Multiple Causes)-Revised to January 1, 2008: Under the definitions I have given you, negligent conduct can be a proximate cause of an injury if it is not the only cause, or even the most significant cause of the injury, provided it contributes materially to the production of the injury, and thus is a substantial factor in bringing it about.

Therefore, when a defendant's negligence combines together with one or more other causes to produce an injury, such negligence is a proximate cause of the injury if its contribution to the production of the injury, in comparison to all other causes, is material or substantial. When, however, some other (cause / causes) contribute[s] so powerfully to the production of an injury as to make the defendant's negligent contribution to the injury merely trivial or inconsequential, the defendant's negligence must be rejected as a proximate cause of the injury, for it has not been a substantial factor in bringing the injury about.

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