Connecticut Wrongful Death Cases and Understanding Reasonable Care

An accident case resulting in a Connecticut wrongful death can be devastating to the family of the innocent victim.  Any Connecticut wrongful death case must be investigated immediately so the rights of the survivors are protected.  You need an experienced Connecticut wrongful death lawyer to help you through this most difficult time.  Find out what you need to be doing right away.  Contact us today.

Jury charges are instructions that the trial court judge will give to the jurors after the closing statements have been made by the Connecticut wrongful death attorneys but before they begin deliberations. There charges are the law in the State of Connecticut as it relates to certain decisions, which the jury will be called upon to make. One decision that the jury will have to make involves Reasonable Care and an appropriate jury charge might be:

3.6-4 Reasonable Care-Revised to January 1, 2008: In determining the care that a reasonably prudent person would use in the same circumstances, you should consider all of the circumstances which were known or should have been known to the defendant at the time of the conduct in question.  Whether care is reasonable depends upon the dangers that a reasonable person would perceive in those circumstances. It is common sense that the more dangerous the circumstances, the greater the care that ought to be exercised.

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