Understanding Double or Treble Damages Awards in CT Accident Cases‏

After an accident you may have several questions which may include: Do you speak to the insurance company of the at fault driver? How do you investigate the accident? Who will interview the witnesses? How are all of your bills going to be paid? Are you entitled to an award of double or treble damages because of the reckless actions of the at fault party? CT accident cases can be complicated, don't delay in getting the answers you need. Call us today.

In any civil action to recover damages resulting from (personal injury /wrongful death / damages to property) - as in this case - the jury, as the trier of fact, may award double or treble (triple) damages if the plaintiff has proved that the defendant has:
1) deliberately or with reckless disregard, operated a motor vehicle in violation of statute , and
2) that the violation was a substantial factor in causing such (injury / death / damage to personal property). You should understand that the phrase deliberately or with reckless disregard involves conduct that is more than negligence. It is conduct that indicates a reckless disregard of the just rights or safety of others or of the consequences of the action. It is conduct that tends to take on the aspect of highly unreasonable conduct, involving an extreme departure from ordinary care, in a situation where a high degree of danger is apparent. If you find that has been proven, you are allowed to multiply any fair, just and reasonable damages that you award by either two or three. You are not obliged to do so but you may do so. That is solely within your discretion.

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