Danbury CT Evading Responsibility Accident Cases‏

Seriously injured in a Danbury, Connecticut car accident case? We can help. Get a copy of our FREE book today "The Crash Course On Personal Injury Claims in Connecticut". Find out what to do and find out how you could be harming your case. One issue that must be dealt with in an injury case is the question of liability.

Before an injured party can get to the issue of many damages, they must first establish the fault of the other party. One way that fault or liability can be established is by providing a violation of the Connecticut General Statutes that deals with the operation of a motor vehicle. One such statutory section is C.G.S. Section 14-225 which reads:

Evading responsibility in operation of other vehicles. Any person riding on, propelling, driving or directing any vehicle, except a motor vehicle, on a public street or highway or on any parking area for ten cars or more or on any school property, who has knowledge of having caused injury to the person or property of another and neglects, at the time of the
injury, to stop and ascertain the extent of the injury and to render assistance, or refuses to give his name and address, or gives a false name or address when the same is asked for by the person injured or by any other person in his behalf or by a police officer, motor vehicle inspector or constable, shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned
not more than six months or both.

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