Danbury Car Accidents and No-Doubt Liability

Certain kinds of accident are nearly 100% definitive in assigning fault, so much so, that some insurance companies may not be able to effectively contest the claim. Rear end Danbury Car Accidents, and left turn collisions are among these. Connecticut has been rated among the top 10 worst driving states in the nation. And Danbury is in relatively close proximity to the nations worst driving state, New York.

Rear-End Car Accidents

Whatever caused you to stopped your car, being hit from behind is generally always the fault of the other driver. Fundamentally, vehicles are required to safely respond to changes in the flow of traffic ahead of it. If the second car fails to stop safely, then he/she failed to drive satisfy this fundamental rule.

Additionally, rear-end car accident claims are generally definitive because the damage serves as evidence and the evidence shows that the car was struck from behind. Specifically, if the first car is damaged in the rear and the second car is damaged in the front, it is hard to argue that the second car did not strike the first from behind. Meanwhile, the at fault driver may have claims against others, possibly a third car that pushed his car into yours. Nevertheless, he/she is generally still responsible for your injuries and damages.

It is important to note that under the rule of "comparative negligence" you may reduce your compensation if you had failed to address maintenance obligations. This may apply, particularly at night, if for instance one or even both of your tail lights were out. Similarly, you must do all you can do move your car off the road when experiencing mechanical problems. Failing to do so may subject you to comparative negligence.

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