Accident Injury Malpractice and Insurance Claims

Why You Should to Hire an Experienced CT Attorney for Your Insurance Claim

When considering hiring a CT attorney bear in mind that studies indicate that legal representation may increase your net compensation. Your CT attorney may negotiate a significantly greater insurance claim settlement or judgment than you would receive alone. Without a CT attorney you would generally collect less compensation for your insurance claim even after expenses.

Insurance claims adjusters are hired to maximize profits. Experience dictates that the absence of a CT attorney increases the likelihood that any insurance claims settlement will not be in the victim's interest. Insurance companies DO NOT have to notify you that your statute of limitations is about to expire.

Insurance claims adjusters know that victims not represented by a CT attorney are nearly guaranteed to avoid a lawsuit. Victims pursuing insurance claims often feel intimidated or simply do not have the time to for a serious legal process especially while recovering and managing bills.

Victims not represented by a CT attorney therefore lose leverage. All the insurance claims adjusters need to do is keep low-balling your insurance claim until your statute expires forfeiting your right to legal action permanently. An experienced CT attorney is trained to protect your case.

Insurance claims adjusters may discourage victims from hiring or consulting a CT attorney promising that it would merely reduce their compensation. It is important to remember that insurance claims adjusters have lawyers on staff who are professionally obligated to protect their company. Without legal expertise you are not on equal ground when you negotiate with an insurance claims adjuster without a CT attorney.

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