Stamford Car Accident Jury Charges: Damages

You are driving through Stamford, Connecticut when out of nowhere a drunk driver plows into your car seriously injuring you and your family.  You are justifiably outraged!  Where do you turn to for help and what do you do?

One of the many reasons why clients settle a case prior to the jury deliberated and rendering a verdict is due to the uncertainty of what a jury might decide. Before a jury determines what facts have been proven that the various parties and then applying the law to those facts they must be first "charged" by the trial court judge. Jury charges instruct the jurors on how to apply the law of the State of Connecticut to the facts they have found to exist. One of the charges a judge might give would address the issue of damages and might be:

Damages - Double or Treble.  In any civil action to recover damages resulting from (personal injury / wrongful death / damages to property) - as in this case - the jury, as the trier of fact, may award double or treble (triple) damages if the plaintiff has proved that the defendant has:1) deliberately or with reckless disregard, operated a motor vehicle in violation of a specific statute, and 2) that the violation was a substantial factor in causing such injury to the plaintiff.  You should understand that the phrase deliberately or with reckless disregard involves conduct that is more than negligence.  It is conduct that indicates a reckless disregard of the just rights or safety of others or of the consequences of the action.  It is conduct that tends to take on the aspect of highly unreasonable conduct, involving an extreme departure from ordinary care, in a situation where a high degree of danger is apparent.If you find that has been proven, you are allowed to multiply any fair, just and reasonable damages that you award by either two or three.  You are not obliged to do so but you may do so.  That is solely within your discretion.

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