Stamford Car Accident Jury Charges: Damages (Loss of Consortium)

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The lawyers conclude their closing statements and how it is time for the trial judge to turn your case over to the jury for deliberations. Prior to the jury getting your case, the judge will have to instruct the jury on how to apply the law to the facts of your case. The way in which the judge does this is to "charge" the jury. The judge might give the following jury charge as it relates to the issue of damages in your Stamford, Connecticut car accident:

Damages - Loss of Consortium.  The Plaintiff  has made a claim for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium is a suit by a spouse for the loss of the affection, dependence and companionship that (he/she) has suffered through the loss of (his/her) spouse.  Damages awarded for loss of consortium include both past and future loss and are measured by the extent of the loss incurred, to the extent that money can measure it. The term "consortium" encompasses the services of the spouse and the variety of intangible relations which exist between spouses including affection, society, companionship and physical intimacies of the spousal relationship.

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