CT Law | Understand the Patients Bill of Rights

<p>Patient&#39;s are guaranteed certain standards of care, communication, and rights. Your healthcare provider is required to uphold these rights, and understanding your rights may enable you to get better treatment.</p><p>Article excerpt:</p><p><em>The Patient&#39;s Bill of Rights has three major goals:<br />1. To increase patient confidence in the health care system by:</em></p><ul><li>Ensuring a fair medical system that is responsive to patients&#39; needs.</li><li><em>Providing patients with processes through which they can address their concerns.</em></li><li><em>Encouraging patients to a take pro-active role in their medical care.</em></li></ul><p><em>2. To emphasis the significance of the relationship between patient and medical provider.<br />3. To promote a pro-active health care attitude by the patient by establishing rights and responsibilities of the patient and provider.</em></p><p>Read the full article here:</p><p><a title="Understanding the Patient Bill Of Rights" href="http://www.hcwlaw.com/understanding-the-patient-bill-of-rights.html">Understanding the Patient&#39;s Bill of Rights</a></p><p>Before you hire a lawyer, speak to an insurance adjuster, or sign any paperwork contact<a href="http://www.hcwlaw.com"> Hastings, Cohan &amp; Walsh, LLP</a> to get our FREE copy of our book <em>The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims in Connecticut. </em>Don&#39;t delay, order it today! Contact us for a free consultation at 888-244-5480!</p>