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Connecticut dog attacks and dog bite injuries occur far too frequently. This is due in large part due to the number of people that have dogs as pets and how frequently each of us interact with dogs in our daily lives. Dog bite injuries can range from very minor, which might involve a scratch to significant which could involve the loss of a limb or finger or could result in a permanent ugly and disfiguring scar to a fatal attack. It has been estimated that over 50% of all homeowners insurance payouts are due to dog
attacks. If you have suffered some type of dog bite injury, it is very important that you seek the advice of an experienced Connecticut dog bite injury attorney at the earliest possible moment.

There has been much debate on whether or not certain breeds of dogs bite more frequently or are inherently dangerous and are more prone to commit attacks which can cause serious physical injuries. In a normal household situation, dogs are tranquil and their normal aggression is suppressed. Dog attacks frequently occur if the animal feels threatened or is provoked. Dogs are instinctively predatory by nature so it is important to remember that any dog has the ability to attack a human. Unfortunately, small children, because of their innocent nature and lack of interaction with dogs, can be misunderstood by some dogs because of their frequent movements and smaller size and could cause aggressive tendencies with dogs that could result in a dog bite attack.

Dog attacks on children frequently occur when the child is unsupervised and left alone with a dog. A child, due to their lack of experience with dogs, might approach a dog that is chained or restrained in an attempt to try to pet the animal which could trigger the dogs aggressive tendencies. An attack by a dog on a young child, or an elderly person, often times result in significant physical injuries due to their inability to be able to fight off the attacking dog due to their vulnerability and or weakness. If a CT dog bite results in an injury whereby the skin is pierced by the dogs tooth or nails, then immediate medical attention should be sought because serious bacterial infections could result which might have far-reaching life threatening ramifications.

Our CT dog bite injury lawyers have been assisting dog bite victims for decades. We have the knowledge training and experience needed to properly represent you in your Connecticut dog bite case. We have even written a book on Connecticut personal injury law which you can download for free by visiting our website at www.HCWLAW.com. You can also call our toll-free number at 888-842-8466 and speak with one of our experienced Connecticut dog bite injury lawyers. We will be happy to provide you with free advice over the telephone or we can schedule a free in office consultation where we can review the facts of your case with you in detail. It is very important that you contact us at the earliest possible moment.

We also represent dog bite injury victims on a contingency fee basis. This means that we do not receive a fee unless and until we recover money damages for you. We will even advance the cost to properly develop your case. Again, if there is no recovery, then you will owe us no money for our costs. We assume all of the financial risk involved in representing you this way you can concentrate on getting better. Cannot wait until you have made a number of mistakes before you contact us. Get this viable free information today.

Burden of Proof and Statutory Requirements in Connecticut Dog Bite Cases

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What happens if you are attacked by a dog, in CT, and are severely injured? What do you have to prove to establish that the owner or keeper of the dog is liable? What effect does the fact that the dog has never bitten anyone before have to do with fault? Connecticut has specific statutory provisions that make a person or entity strictly liable for a person’s injury. It is therefore not necessary to show that a person was negligent in order to be entitled to collect money damages. For example, certain states recognize some or all of the following strict liability torts: parents being held strictly liable for an act of their child; worker’s compensation making an employer liable for an employee’s injuries; owners of pets that bite people being held strictly liable for the pet’s actions; and certain cases involving toxic torts.

In Ct, we have a dog bite statute that make the owner or keeper of the dog, with few exceptions, strictly liable for any damage caused by the animal including biting someone and causing serious injury or death. It does not matter that this is the dog’s first time biting someone or that the owner or keeper did not know or have any knowledge or warning that the dog would bite.


If you are injured in a dog bite or dog attack case it is very important that you contact an experienced CT injury lawyer who has experience in dealing with dog injury cases because certain steps should be taken to protect your rights and maximize the value of your claim. If you are the victim of a dog attack or dog bite case you could be entitled to some or all of the following money damages:


·         Past Medical bills

·         Future Medical expenses

·         Past Loss of income

·         Future Loss of Income

·         Job Retraining

·         Rehabilitative Care

·         Pain and suffering

·         Loss of Life’s Activities

·         Psychological bills

·         Psychological Damages

·         Permanent injuries

·         Loss of Consortium (for a Spouse)

·         Punitive damages (in extraordinary cases)


The methods of calculating these damages and a great number of other issues involved make CT injury cases an extremely complicated and difficult area of the law. It would be in your best interest to contact an experienced CT dog bite or personal injury lawyer who has experience in these types of cases to assist you at the earliest possible moment. You cannot afford to wait before contacting an injury lawyer about your Connecticut dog bite injury case. Put our decades of aggressive experience to work for you. Order a copy of our FREE injury book  The Crash Course on Personal Injury Cases in Connecticut” today. Get all of
your questions answered by reading our comprehensive book or by calling us toll free at (888) 842-8466.


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Connecticut Dog Bite Injury- Types and Statistics

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