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There is one pedestrian injured every fifty nine minutes of every day in the United States. Could the injured pedestrian be you or a loved one? Misfortunate accidents can greatly alter an individual’s lifestyle. If you or someone you know has been involved in a pedestrian accident in Connecticut, our pedestrian accident attorneys can put our decades of pedestrian accident case experience to work for you. Our services are provided through a contingency fee basis. This means, we do not get paid unless you get paid. Our pedestrian accident attorneys make it as simple as that.

1. What Is A Pedestrian Accident? What Are The Common Causes?

A pedestrian is a person who travels on foot sometimes referred to as a walker. Hence, a pedestrian injury is any harm done to a person traveling by foot caused by a motor vehicle on public streets, highways, private property, or other non-traffic location. There are many factors that can cause a pedestrian accident.

These factors may include but are not limited to:
- Lack of attention to street signs: i.e.: Right of way, yield signs, pedestrian cross walks, etc
- Deliberate disregard of traffic rules and regulations
- Failure to stop for pedestrians or oncoming traffic
- Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs and or alcohol
- Motor vehicle operator negligence

2. If I Have A Pedestrian Accident Case What Should I Do?

If you have a pedestrian accident case, it is important to first know that you should not give any statements or sign any authorizations given to you by the insurance company. Doing so might hinder your cash settlement. Second, you should do some information research. Who were the parties involved, under what conditions did the accident occur, what are you rights as a pedestrian? Here at Hastings, Cohen, and Walsh, our accident lawyers understand that all these questions can be abundant and confusing if not answered in a timely manner. Therefore, we have written a handbook that can make the process of filing a claim less perplex than it has to be. In the book, we provide a chronological timeline in which each aspect of the case should be performed.

3. How is Liability Determined?

Liability is the circumstance under which an individual or party is legally obligated to an injured party or individual. This obligation can be illustrated in two ways. Under a civil case, the party at fault usually must reward the injured party with money damages. Under a criminal case, the party at fault maybe sentenced to incarceration. Furthermore, the critical issue in determining liability in a pedestrian accident case is the test of “reasonable circumstances.” This goes to say how a “reasonable person” would react when faced with the same situation. If the case is brought to trial, a jury will determine this “reasonable person standard,” through a presentation of evidence and argument at trial.

4. What Compensation Might I Receive If My Pedestrian Accident Case is Successful?

If your pedestrian case is successful, you will be awarded compensation that is intended to restore you to the position you were in before your pedestrian accident injury. This money is not considered income and therefore cannot be taxed by the state of Connecticut or the Federal Government. Under usual circumstances, the liable party must pay an injured individual for:
- Earlier and later medical care
- Past, present, and future income lost due to the pedestrian accident injury
- Everlasting physical disability
- Loss of social, family, or educational events

5. How Do I Go About Getting Experts To Help Me With My Pedestrian Accident Case?

Professional experts generally work with in a network. Our injury law firm has been in practice for over two decades. Therefore, we can connect you with the best doctors, investigators, and economists around. The people we recommend to support your pedestrian accident injury have a track record of success. Here at Hastings, Cohen, and Walsh, our injury lawyers believe in quality. We only work with the best.

6. Who Will Pay The Expenses of Hiring All Of These Experts?

Here at Hastings, Cohen, and Walsh, our accident attorneys understand how costly it might be to hire an expert. Therefore, we will advance all the costs and expenses incurred when hiring an expert. You do not reimburse us for the costs unless we recover money for you in your pedestrian accident case.

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