Lead Paint Poisoning | Injury AttorneysAccording to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately 4 million American families that have children that have been exposed to high levels of lead. The CDC estimates that there are 1/2 million children between the ages of 1-5 that have high levels of lead in their blood. There is no safe amount of lead if it is within a child's bloodstream. It is a major concern as lead poisoning can lead to serious neurological and developmental problems.

Oftentimes lead poisoning occurs because of lead-based paint that still remains in a home, school, or daycare facility. As lead paint ages, it can begin to flake off or come off in a dust. This dust will land on anything in the household, including the hands, feet, and nose of a child and, more specifically, the child's toys. When these toys end up in a child's mouth, the child ingests and absorbs lead. As lead is absorbed over time, it can build up in the blood stream and affect a child in a variety of ways.

If your child has been affected because of lead-based paint, you may have recourse to file a lawsuit against whomever painted your home, sold you your home, or maintains your home. Contact our Bridgeport injury attorneys at Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP today by calling (877) 801-6202.

How Does Lead Cause Harm?

If lead is absorbed over time, especially in children under the age of 5, it can cause harmful symptoms that can affect a child for life. These can include any or all of the following:

  • Decreased IQ
  • Communication difficulties
  • Problems with memory
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Bad fine-motor skills
  • Difficulty with abstract concepts and/or planning
  • Difficulty with organization
  • Difficulty moving on from one idea to the next

If I Have a Lead Paint Poisoning Case, What Should I Do?

Contact our Connecticut child injury lawyers as soon as possible. It is vital not to do anything that may negatively affect your case. Our attorneys might advise you not to give any statements or sign any authorizations, so it is essential to speak with us. Potential notice requirements may have deadlines and if not met, could result in the dismissal of your lead paint poisoning case.

How is Liability Determined?

How a “reasonable person” is expected to act in the situation that caused the injury is the critical issue in a personal injury case. Whether or not a person failed to act like a “reasonable person” it is often left up to a jury to decide that matter through an argumentative trial and presented evidence. This could mean that a reasonable person, perhaps the owner of the apartment you rent, should have removed the lead-based paint and didn't. Therefore, their negligence can be determined as guilt in a premises liability case. This is only one reason to contact us about and help further investigate and strengthen your lead paint poisoning case. 

What Compensation Might I Receive If My Case is Successful?

When a person is found liable for the injury he or she must pay the injured party through their liability insurance company:

  • Past and future medical care expenses
  • Past and future income lost due to the accident
  • Long term or permanent physical disability
  • Long term or permanent disfigurement
  • Loss of family, social, and educational experiences
  • Emotional damages: stress, embarrassment or depression
  • Strains on family relationships
  • Punitive Damages (In Extraordinary Cases)
  • Damaged Property

When the injured party is awarded “damages” or compensation, it is only money intended to restore you to the state before the injury. The money is not to be considered income excluding compensation for loss of income and can not be taxed by the state of federal government.

How Do I Go About Getting Experts To Help Me With My Lead Poisoning Case?

Our Norwalk child injury lawyers will be able to hire experts to help strength and develop your lead poisoning case. Experts may include a toxicology expert, hazardous materials expert or medical doctor.

Who Will Pay the Expenses of Hiring All Of These Experts?

In many cases, our injury attorneys advance all fees for the client until the conclusion of your lead paint poisoning case. After the case is finished, we would be reimbursed for our costs through the recovery. Varying between state laws, even if there is no recovery, the client is still obligated for the fees and expenses of the cases even though there are no legal fees. Likewise, if the client is not rewarded recovery, there are no legal fees or expenses to be paid; the law firm or attorney will cover any and all costs.

Schedule a free case consultation to discuss the next steps of your child injury case. Please call Hastings, Cohan & Walsh, LLP at (877) 801-6202 or contact our Connecticut law firm through the online form on our website. We are proud to speak on behalf of the victims of lead poisoning throughout the state.