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If you or someone you know has suffered a serious injury in Connecticut, our personal injury lawyers can assist you with your claim. Our experienced injury attorneys ready to help you. All fees are advanced at no expense including the hiring of expert witnesses. At the conclusion of the case, our firm will be reimbursed through the recovery. If there is no recovery awarded, you do not owe us any money; all expenses are covered by us. Every case is conducted on a contingency fee basis meaning you do not pay us any money until we claim money for you.

1. What Are Serious Injuries?

A serious injury case can be defined with the hard-and-fast-rule. Typically, any serious injury case is an injury that results in a major disruption of the victim’s life by the fault of another person. Examples of serious injury cases may include but not limiting to spinal cord injuries, amputations, broken or fractured bones, loss of senses (hearing, taste, vision, smell, and touch), medical negligence, paralysis, wrongful death or any life-altering injury.

2. If I Have A Serious Injury Case What Should I Do?

It is imperative to contact our personal injury firm immediately. It is very important not to do anything that could hurt your case. Our Connecticut personal injury attorneys may advise you not to sign any authorizations or give any statements. Please contact us so you do not in any way harm your serious injury case.

3. How Do I Get About Getting Experts To Help Me With My Serious Injury Case?

Our personal injury law firm is able to hire expert witnesses to help strengthen and further develop your case. Experts may include but not limited to a private investigator, toxicology expert, medical doctor, economist or psychologist.

4. Who Will Pay The Expenses of Hiring All Of These Experts?

As incurred per your serious injury case, our firm will advance all fees and expenses. When your case is concluded, our fees will be reimbursed from your recovery. If no recovery, there are no expenses owed and will be covered by us. You only pay us if you collect a settlement from your injury case.

5. How is Liability Determined?

Just how a “reasonable person” is expected to act in the same situation when the injury occurred is the critical issue in a personal injury case. A person is negligent when he or she neglects to act like a “reasonable person” in the same situation that the injury had occurred. Whether or not that person has fulfilled the “reasonable person standard” is to be decided by a jury with presented evidence and an argumentative trial. This is only one reason why you should contact us immediately to help develop your case.

6. What Compensation Might I Receive If My Case is Successful?

When a person is found liable for the injury of the other party they must pay the injured party usually through their liability insurance company:

  • Past and future medical related expenses
  • Past and future income lost due to injury
  • Long term or permanent physical disability
  • Long term or permanent or disfigurement
  • Loss of family, social, and educational experiences
  • Emotional damages: stress, embarrassment or depression
  • Strains on family relationships
  • Punitive Damages (In Extraordinary Cases)
  • Damaged Property

The “damages” or compensation that is awarded is money intended to restore you to your previous status and before the injury occurred. The money is not to be considered income except for income lost due to the injury. The compensation is not taxable by the state or federal government.

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