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Choosing a Child Injury Lawyer

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Connecticut Child Injury Attorney

Children are the most vulnerable members of society, and as parents we do our best to protect them. But what do you do if your child has been hurt by someone else’s negligence or deliberate misconduct? You of course want to take care of your child, but may have difficulty with the expense of medical treatment. This is where a child injury lawyer can help. A child injury lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your child’s injuries.

However, with so many personal injury lawyers in Connecticut, it can be hard finding the best lawyer to handle your case. Here are some tips to help you find the right lawyer for your case.

Child Injury Lawyer Recommendations

Personal recommendations are the best place to start when looking for a child injury lawyer. Talk to friends and family to find out if any of them have worked with a lawyer they would recommend.

You might also talk to your child’s doctor or doctors in the emergency room about who they might recommend.

Online Child Injury Attorney Research

Next, take your recommendations and go online to learn more about the child injury lawyers you are considering. Read about the history of the firms, the lawyers, their experience, and of course make sure the law firm actually handles the type of injury your child suffered.

You will also likely find several other lawyers in the area that might be right for your case. Add them to the list of potential child injury lawyers. You may end up liking them more than the ones you got recommendations for.

What to Look for in a Child Injury Lawyer

There are many important qualifications to consider when choosing a child injury lawyer. You should look for a lawyer that is dedicated to protecting children and handles many of the common causes of child injury, including:

  • Car accident
  • Poisoning
  • Playground injury
  • Water-related injury

A dedicated lawyer will be looking to help you put your life back together after your child’s injury, not just to making money or making a case. Although the two go together, there is a difference between a lawyer that cares about you and a lawyer that just cares about your case. You also want to find a lawyer who will advance your costs so you have no financial risk in pursuing a lawsuit.

With a parent’s busy schedule, convenience matters, too, so finding a lawyer with a convenient location can be a big help.

A lawyer should have a list of successful verdicts and settlements. Previous accomplishments are of course no guarantee for your case, but you want a lawyer that at least has proven the potential to win.

Finally, since most lawyers offer free consultations in personal injury cases, it’s important to talk to several and find one that you relate to personally and feel you can trust. You will likely be working with the lawyer for months, and if you can work together smoothly, it will be a better experience and more likely to result in a positive outcome.

Why Choose Hastings, Cohan, & Walsh, LLP

At Hastings, Cohan, & Walsh, we focus on personal injury cases because we believe in the rights of accident victims. Our goal is helping people put their lives back together after a child’s serious injury. We know that you don’t want financial uncertainty added to concern about your child’s wellbeing, so we advance all your costs. There is no risk to you. You can see examples of our verdicts and settlements and read testimonials from clients and lawyers we have worked with. We have ten convenient locations across Connecticut, so there’s likely one near you.

We invite you to schedule a consultation to find out whether we are the right lawyer for you. Please call 888-842-8466 or email us today for your free consultation.